MELEKIO is a dynamic and user-friendly platform designed by VISSUAL, to empower users in effortlessly managing their platform´s contents with unparalleled ease.
MELEKIO's features

Experience Content Management Redefined.

Intuitive Interface

MELEKIO greets users with an intuitive interface, ensuring smooth navigation and seamless content management.

Customization Options

MELEKIO offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their website's design, layout, and functionality to reflect their brand identity and meet their specific needs.


MELEKIO is committed to ensuring the highest level of security for its users. With built-in security features such as data encryption, secure authentication mechanisms, and regular security updates, MELEK prioritizes the protection of user data and sensitive information.

Text Content

A rich text editor equipped with formatting options, spell-check, and version control, enabling users to create and edit textual content effortlessly.

Image Gallery

Equipped with a robust image gallery feature, enabling users to upload, organize, and showcase images with ease.

Video Integration

Upload, embed, and organize videos directly within the platform. With support for various video formats and seamless integration with popular video hosting services

Analytics and Insights

Comprehensive analytics and insights, allowing users to track content performance, analyze visitor engagement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their website's content strategy.

Responsive Design

Ensuring that content displays seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, providing users with a consistent and engaging browsing experience.

SEO Optimization

Built-in SEO tools to help users optimize their content for search engines, including customizable meta tags, URL structures, and sitemap generation, empowering users to enhance their website's visibility and reach.

What stands out about MELEKIO?

User-Friendly Interface

MELEKIO offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to manage website content efficiently. Its streamlined design ensures a smooth content management experience without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Advanced Features

MELEKIO offers a wide range of advanced features to enhance website functionality and performance. From SEO optimization tools to built-in analytics, users can leverage MELEKIO's powerful features to improve their online presence and drive engagement.

Reliability and Support

VISSUAL provides reliable technical support and regular updates to ensure that MELEKIO remains secure, stable, and up-to-date. Users can rely on VISSUAL's dedicated support team to address any issues promptly and provide assistance whenever needed.

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Our Feedback

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Ease of Use

"MELEKIO's intuitive interface makes managing my website content a breeze. Even without technical skills, I can effortlessly update my site, giving me full control over its look and feel."


"With VISSUAL's Website Content Manager, I've saved a ton of money by managing my website content myself. It's a cost-effective solution that allows me to stay within budget while still maintaining a professional online presence."

Control Over Content

"VISSUAL's platform gives me complete control over my website content. I can make updates and publish new content in minutes, without having to rely on anyone else. It's empowering to have such autonomy over my online presence."

Professional Appearance

"Thanks to VISSUAL, my website looks incredibly professional, even though I'm not a designer. The customizable templates and design options allowed me to create a site that perfectly reflects my brand identity."

Accessibility and Reach

"Having a website managed with VISSUAL has significantly expanded my reach. Now, I can easily share my work with a broader audience, thanks to the accessibility and user-friendly features of the platform."

Customer Support

"VISSUAL's excellent customer support has been invaluable. Whenever I've had questions or needed assistance, their team has been there to help me promptly. It's reassuring to know that I have reliable support behind me as I manage my website."

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